At 10,000 feet, all I could think of was getting off this ridge. I was scared (understatement). After finally crossing,

I had a feeling of euphoria mixed with fear. Then, I looked behind me and recognized that I had put my fear on hold and didn't give up. 

A journey of fear, contemplation and perspective.


An Epic Journey

An Epic Journey

An Epic Journey

That's me 10,000 feet up on the edge of a mountain in Montana.

A story of perserverance!

I was diagnosed in 2018 with  Young Onset Parkinson's Disease at the age of 52. My husband. Lee, and I were shocked, lost and confused.


My diagnosis lacked empathy, information on next steps and no mention of ways to handle the Mental Wellness symptoms of the disease.

After my diagnosis, it took me about two months to "get off the couch" and to stop feeling sorry for myself.