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Doctor questions:.

  1. What should I expect in the first month, 6 months, 1 year of diagnosis?

  2. What types of side effects should I be prepared to encounter in the first month, 6 months?

  3. Do I need a second opinion?

  4. A good psychiatrist referral? Someone who does therapy and specializes in PD patients (thank god for Dr. Maurie Mintz).


  1. A reputable Boxing Gym referral www.boxingforparkinsons.org

  2. A name of a mentor you can call when you are can finally get up off the couch and can form words long enough to make a phone call.

  3. The courage to pick up the phone and call this person.

  4. A list of the possible things you might experience - dystonia, dyskensia, depression, anxiety.

Encourage your

care partner

The third envelope would be a letter to my husband that tells him that no matter what I do or say, how down I might get or when I don’t feel like coming out of my room for the day, that I still love him. That, I just need a moment. That, I will feel better when my “spell” (what I call my down days) is over. That I will laugh again.