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I talk to alot of people. I love being inspired. These women inspire me. 

Check out a few of my "Favorite Things".

I met Karen when we were 12. She is funny, smart, caring, giving and just plain  fun to be around.  Seven years ago, Karen lost her sister, Debbie to Ovarian Cancer.  While in the hospital, Karen and Debbie would sit around and come up with one-liners all ending with .... That's All.

When Debbie passed, Karen created "That's All" greeting card company featuring the true, sometimes ireverant  sayings her and Debbie laughed about during this traumatic time. A portion of the proceeds go towards the fight against breast cancer.

Check out That's All at https://sb-designstudio.cb-gift.com/category.jsp?path=-1|2236179|2236461&id=2280258

Meet Karen

Meet Ophelia

Meet Ophelia

met Ophelia in Charleston City market. Her basket work is beautiful

and spiritual.  She is beautiful and spiritual. She learned her trade at 

six years old from her mother who passed down this treasured cultural art

since her ancestors arrived from Africa, four centuries ago.


Visit Ophelia's facebook page to check out her exquisite work:

Tap on this link - Ophelia's Sweetgrass Baskets

Meet Ophelia