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Dear Mom,

On December 23, 2021, we said goodbye to you, Maaaasha dahin. On a beautiful sunny day at Mt. Nebo cemetary, in Miami, we laid you to rest next to your beloved, Joe, our dad, who we had buried on May 6, 2021.

Mom you are the most giving and loving person. You were the glue, and the person who taught us always to do the right thing.

Yes, we clashed. Oh, how we clashed, but, no matter what, you were always there. You dragged me over the high school, college and life finish lines many times.

Mom, you loved us unconditionally – even when I am sure we made it impossible for you to do so. You never said no. You even worried about everything so we didn’t have to do it ourselves. Mom, You lived life to the fullest. You always wanted to take “one more run” on the slopes and off.

I know one thing.

You loved us so much, and you never gave up on any of us. NEVER. Your love for us, the cousins , and, of course, your bruthah, Uncle Ted, was deep and always unconditional.

I end this post with the Hebrew saying L'dor Vador is Hebrew meaning "From Generation to Generation." You legacy lives on in all of us.

Lee, Erin and I are going to miss you both so much it hurts, but we are in peace knowing that you are together with Dad.

Love you Mom, E


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