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Laugh therapy joke!

I found this great article today on So, while I feel my sense of humor returning, I also realize that laughter is hard to come by following a Pd diagnosis.

Check out this article on laugh therapy:

To all suffering with Pd, if you had a sense of humor before being diagnosed, you still have it. It may be buried way down deep — but it is there. Sometimes, I just feel down. And, sometimes, I am starting to find that I haven’t forgotten to laugh when something is funny. And, being a joker, I feel so relieved that I still got it. Not all the time, but some of the time, which is better than never.

My personal laughter tips:

Always hang around people who laugh at everything you say — my sister, Marilyn and my friend Karen R.

When you think something is funny, blurt it out — hopefully someone will laugh!

When you bomb, don’t give up!

If you don’ have fresh material, then repeat what someone else said and claim it as your own.

Key Points to Remember:

I was funny! I am still funny! Just maybe not everyday.

Laughter is a very important part of life — even with Pd.

My sister is the best audience.

If you don’t think I am funny…give it time.



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