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The apology tour!

You can’t go home again! You can’t relive the past. What’s done is done. Blah blah blah. Cliches to live by….not anymore. These may be true in certain cases, but not for me these past few days. I ventured back to my fav place and literally rebooted and recharged.

I actually dreaded (a lil bit) the idea of coming back to Denver after my last trip here. If you remember, I was a mess when I was here a little less than a year ago.

I had a lot of anxiety thinking it would happen again. Was I strong enough to look everyone in the eye and tell them that I was sorry for my behavior? Well, I realize being here that nobody really cares about the last time. I was the only one obsessing over it.

The only difference between this time and last is that a childhood friend of mine had moved here since my last visit. Yesterday we sat on the couch for hours where she read to me from an astrology book on relationships. Who does that? We did! We laughed a lot!

Ok, so I always like to make a point, so here goes:

Never assume anything! Things can always be better.

If you’re negative & anxious about something, you can turn it around.

Don’t beat yourself up. The people who love you will always love you….even me🤪

Reach out to an old or new friend and sit on the couch and read astrology. While skeptical at first, it was a refreshing change to the news!

Laughing with an old dear friend is the best medicine! Thank you KK for the reboot.

For those of of us with Pd, laughter is the best medicine. Call an old friend. Sit on the couch!

Laugh your asses off. If you don’t feel better, I will refund your money!


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