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They Like Me. They Really Like Me.

I recently was nominated for WEGO Health Awards “Rookie of the Year” I was truly honored to have been nominated by @yumabev, one of my new friends on Twitter. Actually, I have a lot of new friends on twitter “When Life Gives You Parkinson’s” @ParkinsonsPod

On January 29, 2018, my life changed forever. As I sat in the neurologist's office listening to her confirm my Parkinson's diagnosis, at 52, I literally thought my world (and my husband's world) had ended forever. Well, it didn't. I am here, and, yes, something did change in me - ME. For three years prior to the diagnosis, I was depressed, unmotivated, and, a little anti-social -- I am not anti-social. I was just starting the process that lead me to that Dr.'s office on January 29, 2018.

I had a bad first year both phsyically and mentally. I felt sorry for myself. I felt like not talking to anybody. I was just going to lie on the couch and accept my fate. Then, something clicked. I picked up the phone and followed through on calling LDBF Boxing for Parkinson's in Atlanta. In April 2018, my life changed forever. That's the day I walked into the gym and started boxing. This group is my family. This group is my support group. This group gets me and all of my issues, and I get them.

I still have bad days. I call them my "PD Spell Days." Or, "PD Spell Weeks." Regardless of how I feel and even if I miss class a couple of times, I start getting text messages. When I get back to the gym, people ask me how I am doing - really ask how I am doing. Then, the spell dissipates, and I move on. The other day, John, another LDBF boxer, said to me "thanks for being my friend and making my situation easier."

That is when it really hit me -- I am an outgoing, friendly person with alot to offer in both my personal, boxing and business life. I guess I have the gift of the gab. The gift to make people smile. I finally, after 53 years, realized my purpose. It's just me being me. It's just me doing what I do best "Talking." Talking to anyone who will listen -- telling them "Get up. Don't wait for a diagnosis to change your life for the better. Do it now."

Mike Drop!

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