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Warning: Don't mix meds!

I hate weeks like this one. — filled with sadness, a stiff body, a horrible cough and work. Lots of of sadness, stiffness, coughing and work.

I am sad because we lost our beloved 13 1/2 year old golden retriever. I am stiff — well, I have no idea why I am so stiff —so I make up reasons. Is it from the prednizone I am taking to treat the worst cough I have ever had? Is my PD taking a turn for the worse? Is this permanent?

What’s happening to me? I am spiraling. Going down. It’s not healthy. I am not helping myself by getting so stressed out. I am just having a bad week right? .

OMG - Stop it! Take a breath, Ellen. Relax!

So, I did… 5:45 am on Friday, June 7, 2019, I took a breath.

Then, I made a list - a plan for when the sun comes out. I love lists!

Stop feeling sorry for myself.

Call the Dr. again about the cough.

Get organized.

Pack for my four day trip.



Stop panicking.

Call a friend.

Think about the positive.

Recognize what I have.

Bottom line:

Look what I have!!!!!!

Stress sucks! Stress is not your friend. Stress causes PD symptoms.


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