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Change is good! Isn't it?

Recently, I started to utilize social media to promote my blog and my non-profit boxing group, LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s ( When I started this process, I wanted “likes” and “followers”. I never even conidered anything beyond this.

Then, slowly but surely I started to meet some really cool people. As this community began to grow, I started to realize that support, advice, and friendship were becoming more important than “likes” or “followers”.

This community is open and honest. This community gets me.

So, when I first wrote my first blog article, I thought I wanted to be the funniest PD blogger on earth. Then, I started reading @yumabev’s witty, engaging, relevant, and funny blog, ”Parkinons’s Humor: This new friend corners the PD “Funny blog” market.

So, I kept writing. And, I really started to think that PD was not that funny. But, when it was, I would write about it. My writings lead me to some new followers such as “When Life Gives You Parknson’s” podcast highlighting Larry Gifford’s young onset PD journey:

His open, honest and educational podcast was recently recognized as being one of the top PD podcasts. He invited me to be a guest. I said yes please!

I will update you on my innaugeral podcast appearance. In the meantime, I will continue to develop relationships from aroud the world on Twitter, update my friends on FaceBook and post pictures on Insta.

You might notice yet another Blog name change LOVE. LAUGH. LIVE. It should probably read “and some crying too”, but I can’t make a logo with all of those words. As a marketing professional, I have made every mistake in the book, including changing my blog name and look multiple times — and probably will again. But, what I realized is that it’s not about being funny or having PD all the time. It’s not about always having something profound to say.

It is about Living. And, living my best life. And, sharing that with complete strangers!

Stay tuned for more on this subject in a future communique…ok so maybe Lee and I wll start a business that falls under this brand…”when he retires,” she says wincing.


Bucket list #1 entry: Riding off into the sunset (or sunrise in this case).

I Love. Laugh. Live! That’s All!*

*(“That’s All” is my dear friend’s company created in memory of her sister, Debbie, who lost her fight to cancer. You haven’t seen anythng like it, so i won’t try to descibe. A portion of proceeds goes to fight aganist cancer.

Let me know if you have a business or a friend’s business that donates all of or a portion of proceeds to a non-profit organization making a difference in world. I will promote on my blog!!!


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