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I will not wear a bucket on my head.....

Today, my friend randomly came over. We did our favorite thing. We sat outside on my deck drinking wine and Prosecco. We just love to hang out on either one of our decks and laugh. Most of the time when we are together, we laugh. We have been doing this for 16 years. Our kids are best friends too! How convenient. I actually forgot about the “Park” for just a few minutes while we laughed on my deck drinking Prosecco.

This past weekend, my best friend from growing up in Miami came to visit me. We have been friends for 42 years. Yes, 42 years. Except for me having a moment, including uncontrollable crying and a bitchy attitude, we had a great trip. We laughed over some article she found online about a man who wore a bucket with a light in it to help treat his Parkinson’s. She is always sending me articles and doing research. I love her for this.

My response to the bucket on my head with the light in it ideas was, “There is no f’n way I am wearing a bucket on my head!” Lori was serious when she said, “you never know, it could help!” I love her for this too! Lori is an artist! Her talent is beyond scary to me. This girl walked into my family room and rearranged the furniture. It literally made me weep…..with laughter, of course!


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