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Who am I?

Wow!!!! That’s a pretty loaded question. The short and sweet answer is that I am 53-years old, born in Miami, Florida during Hurricane Betsy circa 1965. From what I gather, my mother was in the hallway at the hospital during labor. I think this was the first tell-tale sign that lead me to believe that I was always one-step outside of “Life’s” delivery room. I am sure my daughter just rolled her eyes. My beautiful Marley, our 13-year old golden retriever, was also born outside of the “whelping box” so to speak — having come into this world outside while her mama, Canoe, was doing her business,

Suffice it to say that both Marley and myself definitely beat to the tunes of our own drums. My first true love starting in about ’72 (UH YEAH OUR UNDEFEATED SEASON) — The Miami Dolphins. Tied with first are my love for horses and dogs. Now, for my true loves that don’t have four legs or carry a pigskin. My husband, Lee, and I have been married for 28 years. We are the best of friends — with some ups and downs thrown in. He is my rock and my caregiver rising to the occasion following the Dr. telling us the worst news of our lives.

He plays in a rock band at 63 and watching him play that guitar still makes me want to jump up and down – which I do at his gigs.

Erin Bookman is my beautiful 25-year old daughter who lives in NYC. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is a literal Rockstar. I can’t say that her growing up was easy for either of us. I had no idea what I was doing, and she was a very headstrong individual. Over the years, I have watched her grow into the most wonderful, smart, beautiful, independent…. just a tremendously cool person.

Our relationship has blossomed into exactly the way I always hoped it would be. I love you Erin for always staying true to yourself and never allowing anything to get in the way of your dreams.

I have two wonderful sisters Judy and Marilyn who both live in Miami. Like most siblings, we have had our share of shoe throwing, doors slamming and screaming fights — but there is love and friendship. I thank them for the most amazing nieces and nephews on the planet.

My final shout out goes to my parents, Marcia and Joe. To my mom, I say thank you for reminding me over and over that I am not a play toy — I was 60 pounds in 9th grade and looked like I was 10 — everybody wanted to pick me up, swing me around (which I loved until I didn’t).

She told me and my bestie that our boobs will grow, and she had my shoes handmade so that I could look more grown up at events. She was always a force in my life, and at times, we clashed like the hurricane I was born into. She was always there for me and always loved me for exactly who I am.

My dad, Joe Joe, as my friends called him, is the smartest person I have ever met. I have always asked him a million questions, and he usually had an answer. He is a devoted husband and a wonderful father. He takes care of my mom and is wonderful caregiver. He is articulate, level headed and the cutest PAPA on the planet. Mom and Dad thank you for the life you gave to me and the unconditional love that never ran out — even when I wore you ragged.


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