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Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad.


I hadn’t seen Erin In a few months, so I went to NYC to visit. Aside from one (only one is phenomenal) hiccup where I went to a hotel at midnight, we had one of our best trips yet. It was mother’s day weekend. She even bought and paid for brunch. Hell yeah I was happy….she bought me brunch.


Erin came home a few weeks ago to say goodbye to her childhood dog, Marley. I know this is probably the hardest thing she has ever done. The weekend seemed interminable…we scheduled it for Monday morning.

During her 36 hours in Atlanta, We cried a lot. Erin’s pain was raw. She loved Marley beyond words. I am proud of you, Erin, for staying in the room. It took courage for you to face your fears. Marley felt your presence. You made it easier for her to let go.


Erin works a lot of hours. But, Erin also goes on hiatus a couple of times through out the shooting season. She works on a lil show called “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Yes, i am a proud mama.

The best part. Erin is not only surviving In New York, she is even saving money. Guess she learned that from Lee. Erin makes me laugh. She has a quick wit. She must get that from me. Her taste is eclectic. The three of us went to dinner before she left and totally amazed Lee and I with her inner beauty. She has grown up into an incredible woman.


Erin left yesterday.


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